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I.T.O. in the Dutch Design Week (part of the case study 3)

Based on the final concept of my graduation project called ITO (Integral • Transport • O emissions) Motio Development is…

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Creative session (part 1)

This category contains the summary and analysis of several “creative sessions” that the author has lead during his professional activity…

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Creative session (part 2): Future faculty workshop

After the fire in the Architectural building (TUDelft 2008) the association of students Stylos[1] arranged two activities in order to…

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Creative session (part 3): Campina

Creative Facilitation is about setting up and leading creative processes in product innovation teams[1]. The course Creative Facilitation contents describe…

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Creative session (part 4): Twingo, the new generation of Renault

Name: New experiences for Twingo 2022. Date: 22/05/2008. Duration: 2 hours. Place: TUDelft Studio 6 / IDE Faculty. Leader (facilitator):…

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