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Case Study 06: Oasis in NY, an alternative mobility in megacities.

Client: City Racks Design Competition, sponsored by the New York City Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Cooper-Hewitt National…

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I.T.O. in the Dutch Design Week (part of the case study 3)

Based on the final concept of my graduation project called ITO (Integral • Transport • O emissions) Motio Development is…

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E-Motio Flexible bus concept developed by Motio (part of the case study 3)

Modular, smart and electric – these are the three key elements of a new bus design that the Dutch design…

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Context mapping (part 3): Mobility Diary

The second tool used during the deconstruction phase of ITO was a “mobility-diary” (booklet) as a cultural probe. Booklets and…

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Creative session (part 1)

This category contains the summary and analysis of several “creative sessions” that the author has lead during his professional activity…

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