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A winning smile :) first place in the Océ Research Competition 2009

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Oce_Cabezote2I am proud to announce that I was part of the winning team of the Océ Research Competition. From 25 to 27 November 2009 Océ organized a technology business course, the Océ Research Competition.

During those three days 12 top level students with a technical background visited Océ to participate in this major event. During the workshop students were working in multidisciplinary teams on a real-life and very challenging case. The teams had competed against each other and have to use their strategic, creative and technological skills to succeed. The Océ Research Competition offers participants the opportunity to become acquainted with the many challenging aspects of Océ Research and Development. Participants had the chance to meet Océ researchers, see its latest products, learn everything about its technical challenges and meet other students.


Unfortunately I can not show the results here because they are part of a confidential project.


Other team members were: Bobo Naumann (MSc. Informatics), Jasper Berendsen (PhD. Informatics), and Bart Genuit (MSc. Mechanical Engineering).

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More information online here.

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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