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The atlas of practicalities by Ricardo Mejia – #RefugeeChallenge @WhatDesignCanDo

The atlas of practicalities is a public YouTube channel that collects, promotes, and manages micro-documentaries to inform people about practicalities of a host country. The channel can attend a broad audience like refugees, expats, tourists, among others.

The micro-documentaries are short videos made by locals who give simple ‘tips and tricks’ about practicalities (concern with actual use) of the host country. These practicalities are all these tiny details, facts, that can be difficult to understand for a foreigner. E.g. you need an OV-chipkaart to take a bus in the Netherlands, find Halal food in Barcelona is difficult, etc.
Locals are all the inhabitants of a particular town or city that is part of the host country, which for this example are the countries of Europe. The broad group of locals includes citizens, expats, immigrants, former refugees, etc.
The micro-documentaries are arranged by country and topics, which includes housing, transportation, food, language, weather. Moreover, we suggest a topic named ‘miscellaneous’ to cover all the possibilities.
Through this set of videos, the channel will provide the necessary information to support the refugees in the process of adapting to their new home. These subtle and simple facts about the host country can help the refugee to generate a more accurate image of the host country and speed the process to understand this new context. Speeding the process of adapting means decrease the uncertainty and increase their self-esteem and hope.

More videos online: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1Mmw93_pO4ithlF8wD3_gY2rP5fZsR9W

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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