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Design of vision concepts to explore the future: Nature, context and design techniques

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Mejia Sarmiento, J. R., Simonse, W. L., & Hultink, E. J.

Industrial firms are facing a constant dilemma, being ready for the future, have a vision, and at the same time act within the current situation, exploit current products efficiently. This research examines visions that embody future opportunities and ideas, “vision concepts” such as concept cars and concept kitchens. We studied five cases of vision concepts to unravel the nature of design techniques behind these vision concepts. Our findings present a comparison of similarities and differences in nature, organizational context, and design techniques. The key contribution of the study centers on a new understanding of how vision concepts explore the future though the embodiment of ideas and how designers share and lead the concept visioning process in the organizational context. We propose an initial framework for the design of vision concepts with significant implications for industrial firms.

Keywords: Product visioning, Concept cars, Concept kitchens, Concept products, Vision concepts, Sharing context, Design technique.

Read the full paper here: 160208_CIM_Paper.


Cited (APA) as: Mejia, J. R., Simonse, L. W. L., & Hultink, E. J. (2015). Design of vision concepts to explore the future: Nature, context and design techniques. Presented at the 5th CIM –Creativity and Innovation Management– Community Workshop, Enschede, The Netherlands.

Watch the presentation here:

Conference info here.

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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