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Design of vision concepts to explore the future: Nature, context and design techniques

Mejia Sarmiento, J. R., Simonse, W. L., & Hultink, E. J. Industrial firms are facing a constant dilemma, being ready…

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How will people have a personal and conscious shopping experience in a traditional way in 2031?

The design of a vision concept to explore the future of Solutions Group Problem owner: Solutions Group Process owners: design…

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Vision concepts, a design-led futures technique, for SMEs

Siga el link para ver un video explicativo en español – Another video (in Spanish) following this link. Over the last…

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Vision Concepts within the landscape of design research

Mejia Sarmiento, J. R., Pasman, G., & Stappers, P. J. In the landscape of design research, several techniques of speculative…

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