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Networking: hype or helper? (TUDELTA.04)

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Illustration-Networking-V02Do you know how far away you are from a fisherman in Papua New Guinea? Not 14259.15 km, but rather six people at most, according to the famous ‘six degrees of separation’ theory, which is really just the magic of networking.

Watch out, Sinterklaas is coming to town! (TUDELTA.37)

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BlackPeteIf, on December 5th, you’re molested by an old Bishop flanked by black-faced bodyguards wearing Rasta wigs and weird clothes who start throwing food at you in the streets, don’t call the cops, it’s all part of the Dutch holiday fun.

Generation alpha girls (TUDELTA.36)

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Our value system may recognize the uprising of females, but antiquated social mores still dictate that no matter how strong a female is at work, she should let her date choose the wine in a dimly lit restaurant.

18:30 hours: in the candlelit ‘Little Italy’ restaurant, Karen sits opposite her date, who is flipping through the menu for the third time tonight, still unable to make his choice. This date was made a couple days previously, at a common friend’s birthday party where they first met. When her date proposed dinner, Karen immediately said yes, as her dating page had been blank for quite some time. Besides, this guy was still eligible. After a little struggle with her not too cooperative schedule, Karen finally managed to steal four hours for the date between a meeting with her supervisor and her late fitness class.

Once the waiter had left, Karen’s date started the conversation. “So, I hear you got a job offer at BCG. Great! How did you do that?”, he asked. Obviously, Karen took such a casual question too literally. The date suddenly turned into a job interview. Karen’s academic achievements and experience were hard for her date to digest. And the truth was that what Karen had revealed was just half of her whole profile.

Talk to me about the weather… (TUDELTA.34)

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Foreing eye JRMSAs an international student from Colombia one of the biggest changes in my lifestyle over the past two years stems for the shifting, seasonal weather conditions here. The first fact is that the Netherlands, lying in the temperate or tepid latitudes of the globe, between the tropics and the polar circles, has generally mild shifts between summer and winter and a moderate maritime climate, rather than extreme hot or cold, according to my Lonely Planet travel guide. When preparing your trip to Delft from a distant warm country, you’re ready to face the weather; in your luggage a big jacket is packed, because winter winds can be cold and the official Dutch website for tourists www.holland.com says you ‘should certainly wrap up well in January and February’. And they add: One of the nice things about Holland is that ‘the Dutch are relaxed about clothes’. And I must admit that, yes!, all this about geographical, social and cultural conditions is really true, but nobody tells you about the impact the weather can have on your feelings and emotions. Yet international students report the significant influence that Dutch weather conditions have on their perceptual and emotional estimations of the university, the city and the country, all of which radically changes their lifestyles. So with winter coming, it’s better if you’re ready to face it.

This picture and the the caption were published on the Newspaper TUDELTA number 34.

More details:


and http://issuu.com/tudelta/docs/41.34

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento

Eye of the eco-storm (TUDELTA.31)

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PrintLife cycle of a paper cup: designers yearn to develop stunning, lovely-to-use products; engineers want products that are simple to produce and distribute; and users desire a good standard of living, enjoying their freedoms in a comfortable world. A simple paper cup is an extremely complex ecosystem that combines all these desires. Helping to saving our eco-system is however a daunting but necessary task for designers, engineers and users, if there is to be water for future generations to drink in whatever kind of cup – paper, glass or plastic.

This illustration and the caption were published on the Newspaper TUDELTA number 31.

More details: http://www.delta.tudelft.nl/en/archive/article/eye-of-the-eco-storm/20137

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento