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Mobility at the first and last mile of the IPT in a European Megacity

Category : /publications · by Jun 2nd, 2011
Mejia Sarmiento, J.R.

After a human-centered design process, crucial conditions were identified in the changing process of development and growing of the European Megacities. These situations created the scenario for the author to determine the design opportunities to contribute to the sustainable development. Three steps were completed following a methodology from the TUDelft called Vision in Product Design. A literature research with the intention to define the mission statement of the system and the vehicle and a set of design-oriented user research toolkits were used. The final result is ITO which is a family of fully low floor, modular and lightweight cyber cars, minibusses and buses with electric propulsion for a flexible range of passengers. Using existing infrastructure, this set of cars can fill the gap between private vehicles and public city buses offering an uplifting journey in a comfortable vehicle that is part of an efficient and flexible i.p.t. The interior design answers the entire passenger’s needs and expectations creating a unique experience thanks to different and sophisticated communication systems.

Cited (APA) as: Mejia Sarmiento, J. R. (2011). Mobility at the first and last mile of the IPT in a European Megacity. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Retrieved from https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/mobility-at-the-first-and-last-mile-of-the-ipt-in-a-european-megacity/isbn/978-3-8383-8844-1

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Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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