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The atlas of practicalities by Ricardo Mejia – #RefugeeChallenge @WhatDesignCanDo

The atlas of practicalities is a public YouTube channel that collects, promotes, and manages micro-documentaries to inform people about practicalities…

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How will we shop in 2025? the design of a vision concept to explore the future of Solutions Group

Problem owner: Solutions Group Process owners: design students: JetteBloemberg, Elisa Engelsma, Francesca Zuurhout, Eva Oosterlaken, Maite Gieskes, and Jamie Ongkiehong…

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(i) The Real Experience for Solutions Group #futurethroughdesign

See the introduction here “Solutions Group wants to create a more memorable interaction between the product of the client and…

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(ii) The Experience Box for Solutions Group #futurethroughdesign

See the introduction here “Solutions group should allow people to have a personal product consumer interaction by providing a tactile…

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