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Help Manuel Foundation

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AficheHM2009_01Help Manuel is a foundation that thrives to improve the quality of life of “Base of the Pyramid” communities in Latin America. The foundation acts as a bridge provides contact between The Netherlands – Europe (professionals, organizations, companies and universities among others) & Colombia – Latin America (communities, local foundations, and local universities among others) promoting, applying and researching about “creative techniques” to improve the quality of life of less favored communities. The foundation´s primary focus is on how “design thinking” and “creative approaches” can help less favored communities.

Help Manuel foundation has an integral approach that consist in two divisions:

- A “knowledge centre” is the theoretical and research division providing support to the foundation, and

- Series of “creative workshops” with professionals, students and community members attempt to identify and solve problems related with design and development. These workshops are divided in three steps: hearing, creating and delivering inspired by the Toolkit for Human Centered Design created by IDEO.

AficheHM2009_02AficheHM2009_03Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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