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2nd design and social innovation evening 2011 / 2da Velada diseño & innovación social 2011.

The event was an exciting exercise of co-creation and social innovation, it took place the last may -from the 6th to the 9th in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia- at Palmira, a small town near to Cali, capital city of Valle del Cauca.

The event was organized in two different sections.

The first one was a set of conferences with local and foreign guests.

Mr. Carlos Zorro http://cider.uniandes.edu.co/ -PhD in social development- joined together diverse concepts building a framework about development; the proffesor Juan Suarez Pontificia Universidad Bolivariana Medellin was talked about the link between social innovation and design; and Zulma Patarroyo and Pete Sims were explained the general concept of Kaos Pilot a danish school that educated an enterprising leader who navigates change for the benefit of themselves and society as a whole.

Then a workshop begun between design students and professionals who tried to figurate how to improve the well-being conditions of an Afro-american community based at the Rio Nima near to Palmira. It was possible trough different sets of sessions, following Human Centered design toolkits (by IDEO).

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