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International Seminar on mechanisms to support innovation for SMEs in Suriname.

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P1000811 2The coming 11 and 12 of April I am going to have the opportunity to interact with SMEs owners and public servants in Paramaribo, Suriname as part of the International Seminar on mechanisms to support innovation for SMEs in this country.

According to the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA Sistema Económico Latinoamericano y del Caribe) and the Surinam Business Forum SMEs should consider constant improvements in its products and services, for which it is essential to enhance innovation processes. In most cases, these processes involve the implementation of technological and organizational actions that respond to the problems arising from competition and changes in markets. Moreover, ongoing technological changes have contributed to a rapid transformation to a “real time” economy, leading to an improvement in business productivity. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have contributed to a rapid transformation towards a real-time economy, creating improved business productivity.

To meet the demands of employers and governments regarding this issue, SELA has organized courses, seminars and other training activities to convey the concepts and methodologies aimed at promoting innovation and encouraging productivity and competitiveness for a more efficient business management by SMEs.


Disseminate successful experiences to promote innovation in the context of the ongoing technological revolution, as strategic tools to support the improvement of competitiveness and productivity of SMEs in Suriname.

Provide working methods to promote knowledge management and innovation.

Contribute to the training of officials and entrepreneurs for the development of innovative processes and improvement of competitiveness and productivity of SMEs in Suriname.

Create a Programme for assistance on innovation issues for SMEs in Suriname with other cooperation agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Details of my participation.

Date: Friday, 12 April 2013 / Time: 9:00 – 11:00 hs

Conference title: Human Centered Innovation, a design approach for Competitiveness.

Description: Human Centered Innovation approach is a way to understand the innovation from the design perspective that explain how design tackle creative issues from a human point of view.

Lecturer: Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento, representative from Colombia.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 7.25.20 PM


Date: Friday, 12 April 2013 / Time: 14:00 – 17:30 hs

Workshop title: Design as a platform for innovation.

Description: During four hours the facilitator is going to explain diverse tools to discover, design and deliver new products, services and business in a strategy.

Facilitator: Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento, representative from Colombia.

Target: SMEs, owners, entrepreneurs, designers or CEOs.

Goal: It is a workshop that provides knowledge about different tools, approaches and techniques about design and innovation in order to discover opportunities, to design new concepts and to deliver products, services or new strategies and business.

General structure:

Step 1, discover. Observation, ethnography, and mind maps.

Step 2, design. Ideation, conceptualization and prototyping.

Step 3, deliver. Design, strategy and implementation plan.

Deliverables: at the end the entrepreneur or the SMEs will have a general overview of this strategy, its portfolio, and a new set of products, services or (and) business.

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento.


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9 years ago ·

Sounds great! Good luck in the lecture and the workshop, and enjoy that little and hidden corner of South America.

Just out of curiosity; How different is it the design’s approach in fostering the human perspective in creative issues from let’s say economy or sociology?

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