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Integral design approach

Category : /other · by Jan 26th, 2009

The traditional Industrial Designer´s approach include an operative system of tools that provide results for his/her clients in term of tangible products (including the whole package of illustrative and technical drawings and other technical information) but the actual added value of this discipline in the economy and the growth of companies started its development in the early 90´s when different companies like IDEO, Frog design and Smart design integrated the concept of strategy into the design exercise.

Laura Weiss (Senior Consultant and Head of Business Factors discipline in IDEO) explains the concept of tangible strategy (Weiss, 2002) and the way that the “traditional core-services” turn into “today´s strategy services”, extending the coverage of the design consultant ratio to “strengthen the connection between business needs and user needs”.


The IDA approach is a new way to understand the role of the designer in the company and in society. Nowadays design has a significant action over, not only products but processes as well. Focusing on general efficiency conditions and usage, design is nowadays responsible for the organization of a strategy of implementation and development, technical aspects and market introduction.

It is an attractive input for the company in order to extend its scope and apply concepts like “innovation” and “sustainability” in a tangible strategy, with visible results and impact, and not merely as a conceptual framework.

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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