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Context mapping (part 5): the shaving experience of men

Category : //context maps · by Jul 23rd, 2009

Morning_rituals_final.aiAs a design researcher at PeopleCare Inc (a fictitious company), a consultancy that was hired by the company Body World to do a context-mapping study. Body World inc., a manufacturer of household goods, wants to develop a human-centered innovative concept for body care products. Body World’s purpose with the study is to get to know their future users more clearly, and to generate directions, ideas and concepts for new products and/or services.

The research starts with an open-ended view; at the beginning, we do not have an idea of a technology, or product, yet. A personal map of the context was developed in order to sensibilize the designer. A simple layout of the bathroom is enough to start the research.Shower_Bathrorm.aiContinuing then whit an inventory of the different products used for the designer within the context. At the same time a user study had been conducted, with workbooks and a number of generative sessions of three hours, in which four men talked extensively about how they experience shaving.

After the generative sessions a transcription was made in order to document all the process and catch all the comments. In this part, the men discuss present and discuss collages they made about their shaving experience, with a facilitator. An extensive analysis was done after the development of a mind-map with the most relevant opinions from the transcription.IMG_9765

The transcript is organized as a series of numbered speaking turns. Each turn starts with a turn number (to find back a quote later), and the name of the person who speaks. The transcriber also has added notes in square brackets about nonverbal behavior, e.g., [laughter], [points at picture]; or where the tape was unclear, or the speaker mumbled or something [incomprehensible].IMG_9771After this analysis the team was ready to design an infography to explain the most relevant insights from the users to the design team.IMG_9767


Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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