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Consultancy (part 1): Ergo-ecology and other technicalities…

Category : //integral consultancy · by May 2nd, 2009

This project is an interesting example of cooperation between the University and industries in Latin America. The research project was conducted in the Industrial Design Department at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota Colombia. The concept of Ergoecology (G.García, P.Romero, & M.H.Saravia, 1997) was developed as a proposal to integrate evaluation and intervention processes generally used in ergonomics and environmental management systems. Ergoecology, as scientific and technological discipline, looks forward ”-from a systemic focus-, to take care of studying the human being and its relationships with the environment -through its activities (work)- to establish, analyze, reduce, prevent, control and rectify the impacts (positives and negatives) that derive from such a relationship”.

From this concept, the Ergoecological Analysis Method was developed (G.García, P.Romero, & M.H.Saravia, 1999), to allow Ergoecology application and specific intervention into the companies, understanding Ergoecology as a tool to build and establish Ergoecological (ergonomic, environmental and sustainable) parameters and indicators to improve productive processes, understanding these indicators as technological developed factors that raise the effectiveness levels. (M.H.Saravia, O.Rincón, J.R.Mejía and G.Barrero 2005). The project was carried out until a development of a methodological tool that allow to implement the ergo-ecology as an internal strategy within the organization in order to improve its relation to the external context (called environment and its actors). Based on the validation of the Ergoecological Method researchers have developed a new approach to promote the integrated performance of productive processes: the “Integrated Performance of Productive Processes Intervention Method” it was running as case study in two Colombian SMEs.

One of our clients was the company COSMETIKA Ltda., is a micro-company that manufactures cosmetics and special products for self care. Our advice was centered in the internally movements of the organization and some suggestions about how to externalize the brand identity. After some years is interesting see that the company is improving its brand identity following our suggestions.

See details of the design here.

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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