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(i) The Real Experience for Solutions Group #futurethroughdesign

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“Solutions Group wants to create a more memorable interaction between the product of the client and the possible customer by using direct contact within a group.” (Jette Bloemberg, Elisa Engelsma, and Francesca Zuurhout)

The Real Experience is an event where people can try out a product in different sceneries to help them making an educated decision instead of convincing them to buy a particular product.

Overview of the design process

The goal is to support people before purchasing, instead of just convincing them. Solutions Group can organize these events to give the users sufficient objective information to make decisions. During the event, the users can try out different products of a certain product category (e.g. knives), and through the tryout, they can talk to the producers -companies that produce the products-, and chat with experts -people with experience using the knives-. The event is especially useful for new products launch, special edition products or luxury products.

The role of Solutions Group in this event is to: (i) set up the stages (ii) invite the experts and the people from the companies and (iii) facilitate the process of the support for the users to get enough information to be able to make an educated decision.


Here you can download the Report Real Experience

Javier Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento


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